Pathways to Well-Being

Pathways to Well Being / KATIE A

  • Shasta County, HHSA/Children’s Services began implementing the Katie A. Core Practice Model as required by the Katie A. v. Bonta et al. Settlement Agreement in April 2013.  The California Departments of Social Services and Health Care Services goal in creating the model was to improve access to mental health services for children/youth in child welfare through timely screenings, assessment and service delivery using the Core Practice Model guidelines.  Shasta County social workers, Public Health nurses, and Mental Health clinicians work together to ensure that every child with an open child welfare case receives a mental health screening upon entry.  For children over age 5 that are not open to mental health services an additional mental health screening at 90 days from entry and again annually is given to assess for any new mental health needs.  Children age 5 and under are screened every 6 months or annually depending on the child’s age using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire administered by a Public Health Nurse.


  • Children identified as meeting Pathways to Well-Being subclass criteria should be referred to the Pathways to Well-Being Coordinator for assessment.  Upon eligibility the Mental Health clinician will need to ensure that Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Intensive Home Based Services (IHBS) are added to the youth’s Treatment Plan.

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