Clinical Care

Placement Prevention and Resource Team (PPRT)

Clinical Care Committee

The Youth Clinical Care Committee (YCC) is a weekly meeting available to any clinician (Children’s Services Youth Outpatient Mental Health, Children’s Services Child Welfare, or a contract Organizational Provider) providing Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) who would like to consult on complex or “stuck” cases.  Additionally, for the purpose of coordination, we have asked our Organizational Providers to schedule YCC when they want to close a SMHS case that is also getting medication services through the Breslauer Outpatient clinic.

The Youth Clinical Care Committee (YCC) will provide a structured forum to plan and implement a comprehensive treatment plan for the child/youth. The HHSA Children’s Services Clinical Division Chief is the chairperson and presides over the weekly meetings. The Committee may request follow-up review of the disposition of cases where coordination of service is important to the treatment process.

The HHSA Children’s Services Administrative Secretary will schedule a YCC meeting after a phone call from any clinician requesting need for one. Reasons for a referral could include:

  • Organizational Provider requests to close a client while they are also getting medication support through Children’s Services,
  • Complex cases requiring multi-organizational intervention,
  • Client(s) receiving services from both private providers and Shasta County Mental Health Plan Providers,
  • Transitioning a child/youth from Children’s Services to an outside Service Provider,
  • Present for potential Full Service Partnership,
  • Any diagnostic clarification or  psychological testing reviews,
  • Unusual clinical circumstances requiring system-wide clinical coordination, or that effect client health and safety,
  • Resolve diagnostic differences or issues, and/or
  • Consult with contracted providers regarding clinical concerns.


    When presenting at your scheduled meeting be prepared to discuss:

  • Reason for Clinical Care Committee Meeting (i.e. client closure, challenging case, etc.)
  • Age of client
  • Who the client lives with/caregiver
  • When did they begin treatment with Org and what brought them into treatment
  • Treatment goals and progress or lack of progress
  • School Performance/IEP
  • Diagnosis/Meds
  • Referral History

Clinical Care - Placement Prevention & Resource Team Contacts

HHSA Children’s Services Administrative Secretary 530- 225-5964

 When calling to schedule a YCC meeting be prepared to provide:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Agency
  3. Name of child/youth involved
  4. Child/Youth Cerner ID Number
  5. Required Attendees – Who needs to be there (i.e. clinical staff involved in the case, RN, Clinician, etc) – (Release of Information may be required)

   6.  How to contact Required Attendees.