CARE Center


What is the CARE Center?

The Hill Country CARE Center (Counseling and Recovery Engagement) provides urgent outpatient mental health care for people who are overwhelmed by emotional distress, trauma or major life changes.

Anyone experiencing a mental health issue or concern, regardless of who their insurance provider is, can walk into the CARE Center and get started on a path to wellness. Clinicians and case managers are there to provide quick, compassionate support and help them make a plan for recovery.

The CARE Center is run by Hill Country Health and Wellness and funded by Shasta County Health and Human Services and the Mental Health Services Act.

We are open 365 days a year

Noon-9 p.m. Monday through Friday

11 a.m.-9 p.m. weekends and holidays

1401 Gold St., Redding

What we do:


  • Assessment and Intervention - We give people quick access to professional help when they are experiencing a serious mental health issue, or if they have experienced trauma or other complex conditions.
  • Recovery Support - We help people become stable and give them support while they recover.
  • Crisis Prevention - We work with people on a voluntary basis to prevent relapse and unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations.

Who do we help?

We can help a person in distress or someone who is having difficulty taking care of themselves due to:


  • Any mental illness, including anxiety, panic or depression.
  • Suicidal ideation.
  • Loss of a loved one, home, job or income
  • Disaster distress.
  • PTSD related to family violence, crime, sexual assault or other traumatic situations, such as a miscarriage.
  • Harassment or bullying at school or at work.
  • Disability.
Pictured below are the compassionate CARE Center staff who are ready to serve the community each and every day.