Stress Relief Tips

Take care of yourself in 2011

Clouds and sun“Time for a new beginning!” The proverbial message of the New Year has sounded again. Whether or not we make New Year’s resolutions, changes can be difficult.  Many of us are discouraged and frustrated when results don’t come quickly enough.  To improve overall wellbeing in 2011 and avoid resolution frustration, make mental wellness a priority. Use these tips throughout the year to be happier and healthier.

  • Spend quality time with friends and loved ones.
  • Take time to play. Laugh. Be creative. Have fun.
  • Focus on your health. Find your daily balance through a good diet, exercise and a good night’s sleep.
  • Go green – spend time outside!  Try gardening, walking, biking or fishing.
  • Keep your mind active; try something new, it can boost your confidence.
  • Give back. Volunteering or being an advocate can be as rewarding to you as to the people you help.
  • Practice ways to reduce stress. Identify what soothes you. Learn relaxation techniques.
  • Know when to ask for help. Ask for help when life seems overwhelming or difficult.