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Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center: A New Partner in Mental Health Recovery

Published November 6, 2020


This blog article was originally posted to shastahhsa.net on November 6, 2020. There have been many exciting updates since then, including the opening of a brand new 2,500 square-foot facility.

If you are interested in participating in Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center programs, contact Jullie Calkins at (530) 440-4097.

If you’ve ever watched the sunrise come up over the mountains, you might have felt a sense of hope for what the new day brings. Members of the newly named Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center, formerly the Olberg Center, felt that this sense of promise represents their collective experiences with mental health recovery and honors the memory of Mark Olberg, who was a key advocate in creating the original wellness center.

Tina Stephenitch, Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center's program manager, said the members collaboratively came up with the meaning behind the new name: “The sunrise is the light that illuminates our path of recovery. The mountain represents the environment surrounding Shasta County, its majestic nature and beauty. Sunrise Mountain represents the hope and possibilities that come with a new day and the strength, permanence and beauty that recovery brings to one’s awareness of self.”

Along with the new name, the center is getting a fresh start through a new partnership between Shasta County Health and Human Services and Kings View Behavioral Health Systems.

About Kings View:

Kings View was established in 1951 and started as an inpatient treatment center in Reedley, California.

“During that time, many in the psychiatric care field were focused on treating illness rather than seeing each patient as a person first. Our organization decided to challenge that viewpoint and heal the whole person using a holistic treatment approach,” says Colleen Overholt, Kings View Executive Director.

Today, the organization has behavioral health programs in five California counties, including five wellness centers.

Person-First Wellness Centers:

“Our wellness centers are welcoming, positive environments designed to help people find their own path to wellness,” says Overholt.

They offer support groups, life skills development, assisted daily living plans, arts, crafts and music to help develop the whole person. Services are peer driven and members have a voice in how they want the center to be run. Personal growth and empowerment are also a priority. Often, a person who starts as a client becomes a volunteer, then moves on to become a peer support advocate. Some members have even worked their way up to management.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Kings View will also be taking on the responsibility of providing Assisted Outpatient Treatment, working with some of the most hard-to-reach clients in Shasta County. While this is a new endeavor for the organization, the staff is highly skilled at intensive case management and has years of experience doing outreach to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They also bring a wealth of knowledge working in rural areas and building community partnerships, especially with law enforcement.

Part of the work will involve intensive outreach, and the Assisted Outpatient Treatment program will be run through the Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center.

Want to learn more?

Contact Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center Program Manager, Tina Stephenitch at tstephenitch@kingsview.org.  

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