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Omnivert - quietly and not-so-quietly - revitalizes the Crisis Residential and Recovery Center in one year.

Published March 28, 2019
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Phil Crawford, Supervising Social Worker

What he does:

Phil manages the Crisis Residential and Recovery Center (CRRC), affectionately referred to as the “Crick.” The CRRC is HHSA’s 15-bed, 30-day inpatient treatment center for people who need time to recover after a relapse related to mental illness. He also supervises the team serving The Woodlands.

Phil considers himself to be an ‘omnivert,’ a hybrid of an introvert and extrovert. This flexible social style makes him a patient counselor as well as effective at building community partnerships. Both traits helped him do the work necessary to revitalize the CRRC.


A few of his successes over the past year:

  • Reduced barriers to access by researching why partner organizations were not making referrals and streamlining communication.
  • Ensured the facility was being used at maximum capacity. In fact, for two months of the past year, the CRRC has broken a 10-year record for bed-days.
  • Formed a multidisciplinary team of nurses, drug and alcohol counselors, case managers and clinicians. They meet weekly to make sure clients are getting the most out of their stay and are on track to avoid future hospitalizations.

Why he’s invested in this work:

Phil’s inspiration to become a social worker came from one person he met in his early 20s who had a lasting impact on his life.

“I walked away believing that it only takes one person to create positive change in the lives of others,” says Phil. “I truly love this job. I honestly do. I know it sounds so cliché that you’re helping people, but you really are.”

Phil previously worked at Victor Treatment Centers where he sometimes spent six or seven years at a time helping a youth. Witnessing their personal growth over time was an inspiration.

What he says about his team:

“I am very proud of my staff,” says Phil. “Working in the CRRC is a 24/7 commitment and very challenging.” They see people in their most vulnerable and emotional states. The team’s combined abilities make it possible to address the complex needs of those they serve. As they have grown together they have been able to admit clients with more challenging conditions.

What clients say about Phil and his staff:

The most important indicator of success comes from the people Phil and his team serve. One client said:

“I came in an emotional mess. Tired, hungry and alone. You all helped me get back on my feet. You all were amazing in your own different ways. You are all special to me and you met my needs to the fullest.”

Phil’s successes in life:

Phil has lived in Redding for 25-years, has been married for 38-years, and has three children and five grandchildren.

(Pictured below: CRRC staff March 2018)


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