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Employee Spotlight - Humble Typist Clerk Reveals World-class Singing Talent

Published February 25, 2019
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Hillary Dodson, Typist Clerk II for Public Health’s Tobacco and Obesity Prevention Unit.

What she does and why she loves working for HHSA:

Hillary is proud to take care of her unit through clerical support. She ensures they get where they need to be by helping with travel requests, stays on top of budgets and aids in prepping for events.

Staying motivated on the job is easy for her because of the people she works with. “I like my team a lot, and they love what they do, which makes them enjoyable to work with,” says Hillary. She also doesn’t shy away from a challenge and has taken on many tasks she didn’t think she was capable of doing. She sees them as opportunities to develop her skillset.

A soulful singer/songwriter:

While most of the work she does for HHSA happens behind the scenes, her volunteer life is spent on stage in the spotlight. On weekends, she lends her soulful voice to her church and plays a big role in putting on their annual Christmas show.

She also creates original music, songs and stories that are powerful reflections of her life experiences.

"Music has always been a cathartic outlet for me," says Hillary. "I write a lot when I’m trying to process something that isn’t very pretty, and by making it into something useful and beautiful, that could possibly speak to someone else who can relate, it just helps the process along."

Listen to Hillary's song "Hearts" below!

One song that is dear to her is called "Eastward" and was a way to say goodbye to friends of hers that moved away to Georgia:

The landforms spit out all their storms,

Tip and turn you away from your home

And the sky breaks, lights upon your face

Sunward on your way to new ground


See the seeds you’ve sown, see how much they’ve grown

Time to till the fields; harvest come and gone

Love you’ve left behind, rooted firm after all this time

Every heart you’ve known plants your road


Go on, go on, go on, go on—eastward

Go on, go on, go on, go on—eastward


Now we say goodbye, now you build your life

Now we wish you well, now you’re home


You can enjoy more of Hillary’s music on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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