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Bike Month is here! And, no, it's NOT too late to sign up!

Published May 8, 2019


After years of hard work by many entities throughout the community, Shasta County now offers more variety, convenience and higher quality places to ride a bike!  For example, trails have expanded in many communities, such as the separated paths Anderson constructed so people can ride to the park and shopping, and the Great Shasta Rail Trail is underway near Burney.  A variety of projects in Redding have resulted in more and wider bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, and other treatments to improve safety. Chances are there is a great place to ride near your home!

Two HHSA Public Health Branch staff members, both avid bicyclists have long worked to encourage more people to bicycle more often. Amy Pendergast and Sara Sundquist both voice the importance of creating environments that are safe, inviting and convenient for people to bicycle regularly. “We are proud of the collaborative efforts City of Redding and others have made to improve bicycling and to successfully secure outside competitive funding to improve our community and provide safer and more inviting physical activity options”, said Pendergast. IMG_2372

“You don’t have to take our word for it,” said Sundquist. “All of the progress makes us even more excited for Shasta Bike Month that started on May 1st. We want you to be part of the Shasta Bike Challenge by forming a team with your family and co-workers. You can sign up any time!”   

Each day you ride a bike in May, you get entered into a drawing and help your team earn points in the Bike Challenge. You don’t have to ride to work; weekend recreational rides and rides to do a quick errand all count! Start out slow and watch how your fitness improves. And you just may discover some new cool things about where we live! “All adventures have hidden destinations that the traveler is unaware of...and I believe a bicycle can get you there,” said Cameron Lievense, another HHSA Public Health Branch employee, who has coordinated the Shasta Bike Challenge in recent years.

Sign up for the Shasta Bike Month by going to www.shastabikechallenge.org, and while you are there mark your calendar with all the fun bike related events coming up this month.

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