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A New Team and Home for Assisted Outpatient Treatment

Published January 12, 2022

Sensory Room

Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center, which houses Assisted Outpatient Treatment, has a ‘Sensory Room.’ - an environment that helps people who are overstimulated or distressed return to a state of calm. It is designed to make people feel like they’re sitting in a giant fish tank.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment is on the verge of starting back up again, thanks to an ongoing partnership with Kings View.

This intensive case management program helps people who, because of their mental illness, are unable to access treatment by their own will. They must meet specific legal criteria and participation is voluntary. This program offers much more frequent contact with their care team than traditional outpatient treatment.

Kings View Regional Director and team clinician Dr. Reg Watson says, “Our vision is to really function as a team, with everyone working toward the common goal to create a sense of belonging and wellbeing for the clients we serve.”

He says they also hope to see clients become housed if they are homeless, prevent visits to the emergency rooms and jail, and reduce interactions with law enforcement.

The team consists of two clinicians, two case managers and an administrative assistant. Together, they’ll provide services to a maximum of 10 clients per case manager for a total of 20 clients at any given time. The team will spend much of their time in the field, following up with people, encouraging them to stay on task and helping them to function as well as they can.

Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center, which opened its doors to in-person services in mid-August 2021, will house the program. The wellness center offers a wide range of supports and activities for people early in mental health recovery and has done so over Zoom since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The new space brings new opportunities.

Watson says one of their goals is to integrate Assisted Outpatient Treatment clients into the wellness center to provide a better continuity of care.

“Our clients need a sense of belonging,” says Watson. “If we can get people stabilized and living at a higher level of functioning, they’ll feel more like they can be part of the larger community.” Doing so broadens a person’s social network and strengthens their support system, making it more difficult to slip out of recovery.

Take a virtual tour of Sunrise Mountain Wellness Center:

We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Kings View for the Wellness Center and Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Laura’s Law). This is the first time the HHSA Adult Service Branch has had the honor of working with Kings View and, so far, it’s going great,” says Paige Greene, HHSA Adult Services Branch Director. “The organization has a positive reputation in other counties around the state. Its expertise and experience working with folks experiencing serious mental illness give them a head start in our community. Our clients have shared positive things about their time with Kings View since the opening of the wellness center. We have high hopes for what they can bring to those we serve,” she says.  

Assisted Outpatient Treatment has been available in Shasta County since 2017. Learn more here.

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