Whole Person Care Pilot

In 2016, Shasta County was selected to be one of a small group of pilot projects throughout California. The Whole Person Care Pilot explores ways to:

  • help health care systems work better together,
  • deliver services to vulnerable people that address their complex medical, behavioral health and other needs (such as housing).

Who Is Eligible 

In Shasta County, this program helps Partnership Health Plan members who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They must have visited the emergency department at least two times or been hospitalized once in the last three months. People may have one or more of these issues as well: a diagnosed serious mental illness, a diagnosis of substance use disorders (SUD), or an undiagnosed opioid addiction.

How Whole Person Care Works 

When somebody is eligible for Whole Person Care they are connected with a small team made up of a housing case manager, a medical case manager and a Registered Nurse. This "teamlet" works closely with the participant to create a Comprehensive Care Plan. This plan guides efforts to get or keep housing and the highest possible levels of physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The Whole Person Care Pilot is a joint effort between Shasta County Health and Human Services, Shasta Community Health Center, Hill Country Health and Wellness Center and Partnership Health Plan.


Program Goals for Participants 

The vision for the Shasta County Whole Person Care Pilot is that each participant:

  • Is connected to their medical provider
  • Has support in accessing medical and social non-medical services
  • Has health needs and chronic conditions that are stabilized through access to medical care
  • Has access to substance use treatment services (outpatient and residential) that support their goals
  • Has stable housing that supports their behavioral and physical health, through local housing case managers and housing assistance programs working together


 If you think you might be eligible for Whole Person Care and would like to be referred, please talk to your health care provider.

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To learn more about Whole Person Care, please call Rhonda Schultz at 225-3802 or Josette McKrola at 229-8318. You can also learn more about the Whole Person Care Pilots throughout California here.