Well-Child Check-Ups (CHDP)

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Prevent lead poisoning! Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health effects for children. Learn more here.


The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program provides complete well-child check-ups to promote health, prevent disease, injury and disability for children in Shasta County. Because health, dental check-ups and immunizations are so important for children, CHDP offers the check-ups free of charge to children on Medi-Cal and uninsured children that are income eligible.

CHDP health check-ups include:

  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Teeth and gum check
  • Immunizations
  • Growth and development check
  • Lab tests
  • Health information
  • Referrals for any problems that are found

Nurses from CHDP will follow-up on all medical conditions or referrals made during the CHDP exam.

You are eligible for CHDP if you are:

On Medi-Cal:

  • 0-21 years of age
  • Medi-Cal will pay for any treatments or referrals needed


  • 0-19 years of age
  • Low to moderate income
  • Eligible children will receive up to 2 months full scope Medi-Cal at the time of their CHDP exam to pay for treatments or referrals

For more information or a list of doctors and clinics that do CHDP exams call: 1-800-300-5122 or (530) 225-5122

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