Travel Shots

What shots do you need when travelling? Check here.

For vaccination information on destination countries, visit the Travelers' Health page at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Note: Shasta County Public Health no longer offers travel immunization services. Vaccinations for international travel may be obtained at the following locations in Redding:

Mercy Family Health Center

2480 Sonoma St.
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 225-7842
MFHC Travel Immunization Information

Safeway Pharmacy

1070 E. Cypress Ave.
Redding, CA  96002
(530) 222-8274
Safeway Travel Immunization Information

Walgreen’s Pharmacy

980 E. Cypress Ave.
Redding, CA  96002
(530) 221- 5028
Walgreen's Travel Immunization Information