Childhood Immunizations

Vaccine-preventable diseases are still a very real threat to our children, and immunizing them is the best way to keep them safe and healthy. When you vaccinate your children, you help protect their friends and classmates, too.

For more information, visit the Vaccines for Your Children webpage at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Parents can learn about:

  • vaccines by their child's age
  • how to make vaccine visits less stressful
  • immunization records and requirements
  • 16 diseases that vaccines prevent in children and teenagers

The new CDC website also offers downloadable, easy-to-read immunization schedules in both English and Spanish, an interactive immunization scheduler and additional CDC educational resources. The website also contains specialized immunization information related to adoption, travel and pregnancy.

The law (Senate Bill No. 277) requires children to be immunized by the first day of school and eliminates the option for personal belief exemptions. 

What shots does your child need?
Use the personalized Childhood Vaccine Assessment Tool!

When do older children and teens need vaccinations?
Visit the Recommended Vaccinations for Children (7-18 Years Old).