Sharps Disposal and Exchange

To dispose of sharps:

  • Containerize: Syringes, needles, lancets and other sharps should be placed in a hard plastic or metal puncture resistant container with a screw on cap such as a used bleach bottle. (Note: Kiosks only accept SMALL containers.)
  • Label: When full, tape the cap or lid onto the container with duct tape. Write the word 'Sharps' on the outside of the container.
  • Dispose: Drop them off at a disposal site listed below or purchase a mail-back container from a pharmacy or online.

Current disposal options:

  • Take sharps to Household Hazardous Waste Events sponsored by the Department of Resource Management (530)225-5789.
  • Take sharps to the City of Redding Transfer Station at 2255 Abernathy Lane in Redding on Thursdays - Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm (530)224-6209.
  • Drop off sharps at Shasta County Public Health Kiosks. A list of current locations is listed below or call (530) 225-5591.
  • Purchase mail-back sharps containers from a pharmacy or online.

For more information, please contact Shellisa Moore, Shasta County Public Health, at (530) 225-5621 or

Disease Prevention and Safe Sharps Disposal Information

Shasta County Syringe Disposal Locations

SB 1305, Figueroa The Medical Waste Management Act

Syringe Services Program