Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Help your medical provider treat you right. Get more information and resources about all STDs on the CDC's STD Awareness page.

 For information on Syphilis from the CDC click here.

For information on Syphilis from the California Department of Public Health click here.  

To download a Shasta County HHSA-Public Health Provider poster regarding syphilis click here..

To download a Shasta County HHSA-Public Health Patient Education poster regarding syphilis click here.

People who need testing, treatment and preventive counseling for sexually transmitted diseases can find these services at:

  • Your primary medical provider
  • Shasta Community Health Center
  • Women’s Health Specialists
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Urgent care clinics:
    • Crossroads Medical Clinic
    • Everyday Family/Surgical Medical Group
    • Hilltop Medical Clinic
    • Hilltop Medical Clinic West
    • Pulse Urgent Care Center
  • General walk-in clinics:
    • Anderson Medical Associates
    • Anderson Walk-in Clinic
    • Cottonwood Medical Group
    • Hill Country Clinic
    • Shingletown Medical Center

FREE condoms are available at the main Public Health clinic and the Regional Offices.

For more information about HIV/AIDS, click here.