Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)



Call NFP at (530) 225-5394 to enroll or make a referral.


 What is Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)?

Nurse-Family Partnership is a free home visiting program that partners nurses with first-time moms early in their pregnancy. A free Registered Nurse can give you the support, advice and information you need as a new mom. Your nurse will support you to:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy
  • Prepare for the birth of your child
  • Learn and practice things that make you a more confident mom. This can include breastfeeding, nutrition, child development, safe-sleep techniques and much more.
  • Understand child health and development
  • Continue to pursue your future goals
  • Access community resources


Who is eligible for NFP?

  • First-time moms who are less than 28 weeks pregnant
  • Eligible for Medi-Cal or WIC

How can a woman access NFP services?

Anyone can refer a woman to NFP. Women who meet the eligibility requirements can refer themselves (self-referral), or their prenatal and healthcare providers may refer them to the program by:

  • Calling 530-225-5394
  • Faxing a completed referral form to 530-225-5494

Following the referral, pregnant women will be screened and assessed for NFP eligibility. If a woman is not eligible for NFP, she will be offered information on other home visiting and supportive services in Shasta County.

Learn more:

Click here to see stories from women who have participated in NFP, including Shasta County locals Arlin and Stephanie! Call for more information or fill out this form to make a referral.


Nurse-Family Partnership Program
1670 Market St., Suite 300
Redding, CA  96001
Phone:  530-225-5394
Fax:  530-225-5494