CalFresh Employment and Training Program

The CalFresh Employment and Training Program, is an employment and training program that provides supervised job search, job search training, training and work experience to CalFresh recipients. The program's role is to provide CalFresh recipients with the opportunities that will lead to paid employment and decrease dependency on assistance programs.

Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency administers this program in 3 ways:

1. Internally through the General Assistance (GA) Unit for the employable population.

2. Volunteers with active CalFresh Employment benefits.

3. Externally for active CalFresh recipients through CalFresh Employment & Training contracted 3rd party partners such as Shasta College Step Up Program, Shasta College Adult Education, Day Reporting Center and Children’s Hope Alliance-SparkPoint Academy.

The CalFresh Employment and Training Program provides allowable activities to gain employment such as:

  • Supervised Job Search
  • Employment Readiness Skills
  • Employer Contacts
  • Job Skills
  • Mock Interviews
  • Education / Vocational Training
  • Work Experience
  • Resume skills
  • Work Experience
  • Job Retention: 90-day support service after you have gained employment

Participants are required to attend an orientation where they are advised of their rights and responsibilities. An assessment of each participant's basic needs, skills and abilities is completed. Long-range and short-term employment goals are developed for each participant.

Participants requiring assistance with job searching skills, job retention skills may be enrolled into the Supervised Job Search component for up to sixty days for GA participant. Volunteers may remain in classes as needed.

GA participants are then required to attend twelve hours of classroom instruction, complete fifteen direct employer contacts each week which is equal to eight hours of participation.

If the participant has not gained employment within 60 days of the Supervised Job Search component they may transition into the Work Experience component.  

Work Experience is designed to improve the employability of the participant. The total Work Experience hours assigned in the last 30 days of the program will be determined by dividing your General Assistance monthly allotment amount by the State minimum wage.

When GA and Volunteer participants have gained employment they may be eligible to receive up to 90 days of job retention services.

For more information, contact:

Health and Human Services Agency: CalFresh Employment and Training Program: 

Phone: 530-229-8150        Fax: 530-245-6317        Email: