There are two types of withdrawals.

Straight withdrawals are are taken when the claimant no longer wishes to have a hearing, or the issue has been resolved. The County's hearing officer will send you a straight withdrawal at your request or you can call the State's toll-free number: 1-800-743-8525 (Voice or TDD).

Or you can write to:

State Hearings Division
744 P Street, MS 19-37
Sacramento, CA 95814

The easiest way to withdraw your hearing is by calling your assigned hearings officer, who will notify the State for you.

Conditional withdrawals are offered to claimants when the County agrees to review a part or all of a hearing request. Generally, this means that the County needs to perform an additional eligibility determination and/or the claimant needs to provide more information to the County.

Note: If you withdraw or conditionally withdraw your hearing, the State will always send you a confirmation letter, which gives you an opportunity to reopen your hearing request.