Personnel Complaints

Personnel complaints are not under the jurisdiction of the State Hearings Process. However, the County does have a process to address any issues you may have.

If someone files a hearing about a personnel issue or complaint, the County is required to immediately request from the State that it be dismissed without a hearing. This is because the regulations say that all personnel issues shall be sent back to the County for resolution.

Examples of personnel complaints:

"I want a new worker."
"My worker and I are not getting along."

If you feel you have been discriminated against or you feel your civil rights have been violated, click here.

If you have a personnel complaint, the first step is to try to resolve the issue with your worker. If that does not work to your satisfaction, ask to speak with your worker's supervisor. Call your worker and request that their supervisor call you back. Your worker will pass on this message to their supervisor.

Or, you can call the information line and leave a message for your worker's supervisor. The person taking the message will take your name and the name of your worker and pass along your message.

County staff makes every attempt to return calls promptly and to resolve any personnel issues as quickly and fairly as possible.

Shasta County information line number: 1 (877) 652-0731