Before Your Hearing

Before your hearing

Before your hearing, you will receive a welcome letter from your fair hearing officer (FHO). This letter identifies your hearing officer and gives you important information about the hearing process.

Your FHO will attempt to contact you, usually by phone or by mail, to confirm your hearing issue and to discuss the details of your case with you. If you do not have a phone, be sure to check your mail often in case your FHO has sent you a letter.

It is very important to stay in contact with your FHO during the hearing process. In some cases, the FHO may be able to help resolve your issue so a hearing does not have to take place. If that happens, your FHO will either call you or send you a letter explaining how your issue has been resolved. You may receive a straight withdrawal form or a conditional withdrawal form.

If you find that you need to postpone your hearing or you want to withdraw your hearing request, click on the links for instructions on how to postpone or withdraw.

Statement of position

If your issue cannot be resolved and you would like to go forward with a hearing, the FHO will prepare a statement of position (SOP). The SOP will be available for you to pick up at the hearing location two days prior to the hearing.

The SOP contains a statement about your hearing issues and why the County took the action. It also includes regulations and attachments such as copies of pay stubs or other evidence. The SOP is what the County presents in support of its action.

What you should bring to your hearing

If you disagree with the County's action, you should gather documents or witnesses to support your position. The State Hearing Web Site is a good source of information about what you should do before your hearing. You can also call your FHO to ask about what to do before your hearing.

You may want to bring a witness or subpoena a witness. If so, click on the links for information and instructions.

If you want your case manager at the hearing, please contact your assigned FHO at the County because he or she will be able to request that the case manager appear at the hearing.