Authorized Representatives

An authorized representative is an individual or organization that you select to represent your interests in the hearing process. This may be a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor, a lawyer (in private practice), Legal Services or an advocacy group that represents claimants in public assistance hearings. An authorized representative acts on behalf of the claimant during the hearing process.

You are not required to have a representative. Most claimants do not have an authorized representative, but for certain cases, such as large overpayments or if your case is very complicated, you may want to find one.

Click here for form to request an authorized representative.

The County and State requires an authorized representative form if you tell us that you want someone to represent you during the hearing process. By filling out the form, your authorized representative will be able to view your case and talk to the assigned hearing officer. Please call your hearing officer for an authorized representative form. We will send you one immediately.