Provider Orientation

Becoming a Provider

Attending Orientation 

  • Before you can be a paid provider, you must attend orientation. Provider orientation is being done by mail and virtually, by appointment only. Please call 225-5507 for more information.

  • When you receive your packet, Watch the IHSS orientation video.

  • Attend Virtual Orientation Meeting. You will receive a meeting link approximately a week prior to your scheduled orientation.  Orientation is held on Mondays at 2pm.

  • Complete IHSS required paperwork and mail back to Shasta County IHSS.

  • You must mail or email a copy of your Social Security card AND valid photo ID (unexpired driver’s license or ID card issued by DMV or other government agency – Military ID, passport, permanent resident card). Your name must match exactly on both documents. If it does not, you will be notified that we are unable to register you as a provider

    • IHSS OFFICE PHONE: 225-5507

    • IHSS email:

Next Step

  • Complete background check (Live Scan) with 90 days of orientation. If you are confident that you will pass the background check, you can work for Recipients during this time and timecards can be made retroactive to a start date requested by the Recipient. If you do not complete the process or are found ineligible to be a Provider, IHSS will not issue timecards or payment for any time worked and the Recipient will be responsible for paying you. 
    After the above steps have been completed and passing results from the background check are received by IHSS, a letter will be mailed to you informing you that you are an active IHSS Provider. If the results of the background check show results that may prevent you from becoming a Provider, a letter will be issued to you explaining why and what steps you can take to either get a waiver or request an appeal.
  • Provide IHSS with a completed 426-A Recipient Designation of Provider form (contract between Provider and Recipient), completed Helping Providers Avoid Fraud form and W-4. IHSS is unaware that a Provider and Recipient are working together until we receive a completed 426-A Recipient Designation of Provider form. On this form, the Recipient confirms that you are working for them and informs IHSS of your start date. You need a 426A for each of your Recipients. You will be provided with a W-4 (for tax withholdings) with each 426-A form.
  • IHSS issues your timecards after you are officially enrolled as an active Provider and a completed 426-A contract has been received. If you would like Direct Deposit, please ask for and complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. You will need to complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment form for each of your Recipients.

Change of Address?

If you move you must complete a change of address form – the US Postal Service will not forward your check, it will be returned to the State and you will experience a 6-8 week delay in payment.

Contact us:

(530) 225-5507