Support Services

Shasta County Opportunity Center - Mail CenterA variety of services are available to help you get and keep a job through the Opportunity Center. Your Far Northern Regional Center Service Coordinator can assist you in obtaining authorization from the Department of Rehabilitation for these services.

PVSA - Personal Vocational Social Adjustment

This service allows you to spend time with a personal instructor who assists you in learning about job expectations, appropriate behaviors and other factors that may affect you personally. This service is designed to help you to be better prepared to obtain a more independent job in the community. The following counseling and training services are available through PVSA -

Work Related

  • Job Search Skills
  • Employer Expectations
  • Time Management / Telling Time
  • Prevocational Skills


  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Destination Training

Internal and Cognitive Work Skills

  • Adapting to Change
  • Grooming and Self Care
  • Anger Management


  • Self Esteem
  • Relationships
  • Self-Advocacy and Assertiveness
  • Personal Safety and Handling Emergencies
  • Sexual Values and Behaviors
  • Substance Abuse


  • Listening and Following Directions


  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Physical, Dental, Mental Health


  • Managing Money and Making Purchases
  • SSI Management/Advisory

SA - Situational Assessment

This service allows you to spend time with a personal instructor visiting and trying out different jobs in the community. This will help you decide which jobs you like and the jobs you might be best suited for. This also allows an employer to evaluate your abilities on the job. Both you and the employer can decide if you are a good match. The following services can be provided during an SA -

  • Observation and assessment of your current work assignment
  • Interview with you to determine your work preferences and experience
  • Interview people important to you to see what they think are your vocational strengths
  • Community based situational observation and assessment
  • A final report with recommendations that identify any barriers and your preferred work activity

JE - Job Exploration

This service allows you to observe work being done at different community sites. This hands-on exposure can help you better understand the skills and abilities required on different jobs. It can help you be better prepared to enter the workforce because you will know what is expected of you in different types of work. The following services can be provided during JE -

  • You can complete interest surveys to help you decide your main interests
  • You will be given written and verbal job descriptions to look at
  • You will be assisted in contacting employers
  • You will participate in informational interviews
  • You will tour work sites
  • You will be transported to different work sites for tours