Referral Process

Shasta County Opportunity Center - Vocational Training - Referral ProcessWould you like to work with the Opportunity Center? You can call and arrange for a tour of our facility and see a sample of the type of work performed and hear about our services. Call us at 225-5781.

If you are interested in working with the Opportunity Center, call your Far Northern Regional Center Service Coordinator. Have them send a referral packet to the Opportunity Center and the Department of Rehabilitation. The Service Coordinator can schedule a meeting where we can all get together and coordinate services to meet your goals.

If you are interested in having the Opportunity Center help you find a job in the community, call your Far Northern Regional Center Service Coordinator. They can schedule you to attend the Department of Rehabilitation Supported Employment Program Orientation meeting at Far Northern Regional Center. After you attend the Orientation meeting and if you decide that the Opportunity Center is the program that you want to help you get a job, you will be referred by the Department of Rehabilitation to the Opportunity Center. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss your employment goals and how our services can help you get a good job.

Here are some requirements for everyone who works with the Opportunity Center:

  1. You must have a diagnosed disability that is medically stabilized so that you are fit to work.
  2. You must be responsible for keeping and taking your own medication.
  3. You must be 18 years or older unless a special arrangement has been made with a school or you are emancipated.
  4. You must have a state ID card, drivers' license, birth certificate, Social Security card or some other right to work documentation.