Consumer Task Force

Shasta County Opportunity Center - Consumer Task ForceThe CTF is a peer advocacy group composed of elected officers drawn from clients who are a part of the Opportunity Center's programs. The CTF is a voice for clients in regards to issues regarding program satisfaction, awareness, informed choice, safety, and program input. Officers serve for yearly terms and are elected by their co-workers. Any participant who has a concern about their program can go to the CTF to voice their concern and it is the responsibility of the CTF to follow up and address the issue with the Opportunity Center's staff. Leadership skills are developed through serving as an elected officer and participation in monthly meetings. This past year, the CTF has accomplished these things;

  • Has begun sending a CTF member to attend the Opportunity Center Advisory Board meeting
  • Has begun sending a CTF member to attend the Opportunity Center Safety meeting
  • Has increased participation of night time crews in social events by holding events at times and places where these consumers can attend
  • Has purchased a microwave with CTF funds for the use of consumers

The CTF also plans social events throughout the year including pizza and salad bar lunches, cake and ice cream get-togethers and the annual Holiday Dance which is a highlight of the holiday season for many of us.