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Shasta County Opportunity Center
Shasta County Opportunity Center
Shasta County Opportunity Center

The Opportunity Center is here to help you meet your work goals. We can help you get a good job so that you can:

  • Make more money
  • Rely less on your SSI check
  • Have more spending cash to buy what you want
  • Be more independent
  • Be part of a team where you can make new friends

Through the Opportunity Center, you can get a job at our Redwood facility doing assembly and packaging, get a job as part of a crew working in the local community, or help you get a job with a local company. You will receive a regular paycheck for the work you do. Click on one of the links below to see the types of work you can do through the Opportunity Center.

Other services are also available to help you get and keep a job. These include:

  • Personal Vocational Social Adjustment (PVSA) - Learn how to get and keep a good job. If you have issues that prevent you from having a good job, you can meet with someone to discuss these on a one-on-one basis.
  • Situational Assessment (SA)- Not sure what is the best job for you? During an SA, you can spend time with a personal instructor visiting and trying out different jobs in the community. This way you can decide what kind of jobs you like and have the skills to do. Also, employers can see you perform and might hire you.
  • Job Exploration - You can observe work sites which helps you understand more about what people do at different jobs.

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