Vehicle Washing

Shasta County Opportunity Center - Vehicle WashingVehicle washing and detailing services are available for your fleet. Vehicle washing services include washing and drying the outside of the vehicle, cleaning all windows, doorways and mirrors, dashboard cleaning, vacuuming, sanitizing and deodorizing the interior and a basic vehicle safety check. In addition to these services, vehicle detailing includes polish, wax and buff out services, treating upholstery and vinyl surfaces with protector, trash removal and vacuuming of the trunk, cleaning wheel wells and tires. We can also pick up, deliver, and refuel your vehicles if you wish. All services are performed by hand and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Business Feature

People with disabilities perform bus washing and detailing services for the Redding Area Bus Authority. These people have moved from a closely supervised sheltered workshop environment to competitive employment in the community because of their dedication and willingness to learn and they no longer rely on government assistance for their livelihood.

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