Individual Placement

Shasta County Opportunity Center - GroundskeepingMany people with disabilities are employed by businesses in Shasta County. The Opportunity Center helps them achieve integration into the community by the following process -

  • Barriers to employment are identified and ways to minimize and eliminate them are discussed.
  • Workshops are provided for the individual with disabilities to hone their job skills.
  • Individual interests and skills are identified and a Supported Employment Specialist begins looking for a job for the person that would be a good match between the individual and the employer.
  • Once a job offer has been made, the Opportunity Center provides a job coach (at no cost to the employer) to work alongside the new employee to help them learn all aspects of the job. The job coach also works with the employer to ensure that the employer's expectations are being met by the new employee.
  • The Opportunity Center continues to monitor the performance of the employee on a regular basis. A formal review is held on a semi-annual basis. This is an opportunity for the employer to identify particular objectives that they want the employee to meet. It is also a time when the employee's goals and objectives are developed and discussed.

Many employers have found that individuals with disabilities are some of their best workers. They have very low rates of absenteeism and a good work ethic. They do not result in higher Workers' Comp rates and most employers do not need to make any significant investment in equipment or modifications in job duties to accommodate the special needs of those with disabilities. To get more information about job accommodations for people with disabilities, contact the Job Accommodation Network at 1-800-526-2262.

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