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Shasta County Opportunity Center
Shasta County Opportunity Center
Shasta County Opportunity Center

Individuals with disabilities having a variety of skills and abilities are ready to help meet the needs of your business. Check out the links to our services. Let us provide these services so that you can focus on your core business.

SOME of the benefits of working with the Opportunity Center:

  • No more headaches with high turnover or excessive absenteeism.
  • A trained supervisor oversees all work.
  • Our low cost solutions help you manage changes in demand for your product.
  • The overall tax burden is reduced because individuals with disabilities are employed and they no longer rely on government assistance.
  • Individuals earn disposable income which they spend in your community and at your business.

Description of Individual Placement

Individuals with disabilities are also available to fill your current job openings. Potential employees are professionally screened before they join your workforce. Job coaches are provided free of charge to help the new employee learn their position and provide services as long as needed. 

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