CalWORKs Success Stories

Allison’s Story

"I lost my job when I was on maternity leave. I was supposed to return to my wonderful job on Dec. 26, and my supervisor called me on Dec. 15 to tell me that I was being laid off, which took me by great surprise. I knew that I had to prepare myself and my family for the worst, so I applied for Cash Aid. The process was long and very time consuming, but worth it. I’m trying to finish up college, raise a newborn, keep up on the house, and work, all at the same time, all on my own. Cash Aid has been one of the most helpful stepping stones that has been offered to me in my life so far."

Anthony’s Story

"I had lost my job in Michigan, sold my house/land and filed for a divorce. My 13-year-old son Nicholas and I drove out to California and we are staying with my mother. I needed health/dental coverage for myself and Nick, and any other type of available assistance. The CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work program offered me a window of opportunity to learn good fundamental skills in job hunting – skills I really never took seriously until now! Also, my case worker helped inspire me to not fall into a negative pattern and not be clouded with self- pity. The Behavioral Health Team counselors helped reinforce this, also. CalWORKs works!"

Brandee’s Story

"I came to be on Cash Aid because of a divorce. I hope to eventually become a dental hygienist. I accepted these jobs so I can become self-sufficient and take care of my family on my own. I thank my worker for helping my family in our time of need."