CalWORKs Job Services

Start Toward Enrichment, Power & Success (STEPS)

This classroom and active job search group meets for four weeks - two weeks of classroom instruction followed by two weeks of job search.  The client learns about career exploration, marketing yourself, communication, teamwork, applications, resumes, customer service, money management, interviewing, time management and more.

Supervised Job Search (SJS)

The initial group orientation provides an overview of available job search resources followed by a daily check-in activity that requires clients to show daily contact with employers. Clients meet weekly to discuss which employers are hiring, recap interviews, prepare for upcoming interviews, identify recurring roadblocks to employment, and methods to overcome employment hurdles.

Job Enrichment & Development Services

This job search activity is for people working in unsubsidized employment and who are working fewer hours than are required by CalWORKs. This is also an option for people who want help finding a better job. Activities are individualized and flexible so they do not conflict with the hours of employment. Activities may include help with creating or updating a resume, developing a master work history, identifying barriers, one-on-one job development, job referrals, instruction on how to ask for a raise and other related topics.



The Job Services team also provides workshops for people currently enrolled in one of their programs. These workshops include:

Financial Literacy Workshop

Participants will learn how to:

  • manage their money better
  • develop a budget and stick to it
  • rebuild their financial life
  • find creative ways to save money
  • fix and/or establish their credit


Interview Workshop

Participants will gain:

  • a better understanding of the interview process
  • skills to better prepare for an interview
  • confidence in their ability to interview
  • the ability to successfully respond to interview questions
  • the ability to leave a positive, long-lasting impression with an interviewer


Resume Workshop

This workshop will include:

  • assets and transferable skills
  • work gaps and how to fix them
  • guidelines for a professional resume
  • resume errors to avoid
  • key words and resume follow up
  • cover letter guidelines


Job Search in Today's Market

This workshop will help participants gain a better understanding of how the job search has changed in today's electronic society.

Topics include:

  • job searching online
  • uploading documents
  • filling out online applications
  • following up on resumes and applications submitted online
  • building an online presence through social media