CalWORKs Behavioral Health Team

1506/1518 Market St., Redding

The Shasta County CalWORKs Behavioral Health Team (BHT) provides free, confidential support to residents on public assistance. 

The program staff are committed to helping people receiving CalWORKs benefits and their family members become self sufficient by reducing the barriers to employment. Stress, grief, depression, emotional problems, substance abuse, domestic violence, parenting issues, mental health, relationship issues and other pressures of daily life can all be barriers to getting and keeping a job.

The Behavioral Health Team offers professional, client-centered services: screening and assessment, counseling, advocacy, referrals, therapy and support. Time spent participating in BHT activities may be applied to the hours of participation required by CalWORKs.

Behavioral Health Team staff are located at the main CalWORKs office on Market St., at the Anderson Regional Office and the Shasta Lake Regional Office. The Behavioral Health Team is a program of the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency which works collaboratively with Shasta County's many community-based programs including Shasta Women's Refuge, Right Road Recovery Programs Inc. and Empire Recovery Program.