CalWORKs Assessment


CalWORKs clients are referred to Assessment by their Employment & Training Worker if they are unemployed or underemployed after completing Job Services. Clients may also be referred directly to Assessment from Orientation/Appraisal if it is determined that Job Services are unlikely to be beneficial. The Assessment Team also coordinates disability assessment reviews and learning disability evaluations.


person taking a testActivities in Assessment vary, based on individual circumstances. The process typically begins with testing that takes a closer look at work-related skills and abilities. Clients then meet with a Vocational Counselor to review the test results. Options are reviewed with the client and recommendations are made for future program participation. These recommendations are incorporated into a report that serves as the foundation for the individual Welfare-to-Work plan.


Most Assessment activity takes place at the CalWORKs office located at 1400 California St. in Redding. As needed, Vocational Counselors may also travel to other Health and Human Services Agency offices in Shasta County to meet with clients.


Group testing is held weekly, and this is where most people start. This is recommended and scheduled by the Employment & Training Worker. If group testing is not appropriate, invidual referrals are also possible.


Clients are typically referred to Assessment because they are unemployed or underemployed. One goal of CalWORKs Assessment is to help clients identify and begin working on those issues in their life that are getting in the way of their becoming independent of welfare.


A wide variety of techniques are used to help the client become aware of issues that may affect their employability. This may include supplemental testing, research on available jobs, meetings with employers to find out job details, research with local training providers to learn more about programs, and other activities.