Extreme Cold Safety


Unpredictable winter weather can make it difficult to stay warm, dry and safe. As much as possible plan ahead of the storm and always be informed of what to do when it is cold.

Staying Warm in Shasta County:

If you do not have shelter, a way to heat your home or other type of shelter, you can go to:

  • The Good News Rescue Mission - 3100 S. Market St., Redding - (530) 241-5754
  • Other indoor spaces that are open to the public, such as shopping malls and libraries. For library business hours, visit Shasta Public Libraries
  • For more information and resources, call 2-1-1

Find more local winter weather information and resources by calling 2-1-1 or visiting 211norcal.org/shasta/.

Check On Others

Some people are more at risk for illness or injury from the cold. Check on your elderly family and neighbors. Know how to keep infants and children safe and warm. If you have pets, bring them inside. Stay in touch with loved ones who are sick.

Other people who are at risk are those:

  • Living in homes that are not well insulated
  • Who work or exercise outdoors
  • Experiencing homelessness

Staying Safe Indoors

  • Be aware of carbon monoxide and fire hazards
  • Never use any type of stove, grill  to heat your home, tent, vehicle, etc.
  • Never run a vehicle in a garage or enclosed space
  • Take care of pipes to make sure you keep a water supply

Learn more about winter safety with these tips from the Centers for Disease Control:

More Resources: