Foster Care Nursing

The Social Services Nursing Program consists of Foster Care Intake and Assessment, Foster Care Case Management, and Options For Recovery. Staff oversees and updates health passports and provides public health nursing expertise in meeting the medical, dental, and health care needs of children in foster care, including those in out-of-county and out-of-state placements.

Our Mission Statement:

Integrate community resources for families and provide children opportunities for real permanence; promote a safe, stable, healthy, nurturing environment enabling children to flourish and become independent, productive adults making responsible choices.

What a Public Health Nurse can offer the Foster Care Community

The Foster Care Nurse offers the following services to Foster Children, Foster Parents, the Medical Community, the Legal Community, and others involved in the lives of children in foster care:

  1. Assist foster parents to access health care for children in foster care.
  2. Facilitate referrals to medical specialists.
  3. Ensure that children in foster care receive preventive medical and dental care.
  4. Assist physicians with the paperwork required for the authorization of psychotropic medication administration to children in foster care.
  5. Interpret foster children's medical information for attorneys, judges and others.
  6. Gather medical and dental information and maintain records for children in foster care.
  7. Provide medical education regarding health care needs of children in foster care to all of the foster care community.

How can a foster parent contact the program? Simply call 530-225-8075.

To learn how to become a foster parent, call: 530-225-5554.

For more information: