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Shasta County Tobacco Resource GuideShasta County Tobacco Cessation Resource Guide
A guide of Shasta County organizations that offer classes, resources, and services for quitting tobacco. Includes contact information, type of services and cost of services. Many services are FREE.


California Smokers' Helpline

CA Smokers' Helpline 

Free Local Cessation Programs

SCHC PhotoTobacco Recovery Self-Management Workshop

Shasta Community Health Center offers a FREE workshop for anyone seeking recovery from tobacco. Topics covered include: Practical advice & activities to promote alternatives to tobacco, ways to cope with cravings before they strike, problem solving tools, social support and information about other options such as nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medications.  

Second Wind Smoking CessationSecond Wind Smoking Cessation Program
An eight session program to help you quit all types of tobacco. In collaboration with local tribal members, participants will learn the difference between commercial and traditional tobacco use. For more information, call (530) 406-9678.

Project Ex Teen CessationProject Ex Teen Cessation Program
A FREE eight session program to help TEENS quit all types of tobacco. For more information, call the Youth Violence Prevention Council (530) 244-7194.


Tips for Quitting

For additional self-help information or referrals to community resources, call the Shasta County Tobacco Cessation Program at (530) 229-8467.

Online Quit Resources

American Cancer Society Freedom From Smoking Online


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Shasta County Public Health
Tobacco Cessation Program
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