Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to report a dog/cat bite?

For licensing, dangerous animal control, pests and dog/cat bites please call Haven Humane Society at (530) 241-2550. Their web site Haven Humane Society.

Who do I call if I have a problem with mold in my home?

Public Health and Environmental Health do not do inspections. For mold and water clean up, call a Water Damage Emergency Service listed in the Yellow Pages. The California Department of Health Services Indoor Air Quality Information Sheet, "Mold in My Home: What Do I Do?" can give you more information about mold in your home.

What immunizations do I need if I'm traveling outside the country?

Protect your health when traveling abroad. At least three months before departure, call for an appointment to receive necessary immunizations.

For more information about traveling abroad, please call (530) 225-5591 or (530) 229-8463.

What immunizations does my child need in order to start school?

Shasta County Public Health's goal is to ensure all children are vaccinated to protect their health. We encourage parents to vaccinate their children. Check with your child's healthcare provider about what vaccines your child(ren) need.

Where do I report bad food?

Environmental Health investigates reports of food poisoning and inspects restaurants. They can be reached by calling 225-5787.

Where can I get a medical check-up for my children?

Where can I find mental health resources?

The 211 provides information about behavioral health services and laws, communication tools and other features.

Who do I call to access Mental Health Services?

How to access mental health services 24 hours a day, call (530) 225-5252, if you are having an emergency call 911. The line will be answered by a professional and compassionate staff member of the Health and Human Services Agency.

Where can I find parenting support and resources?

Parenting is an important, but difficult job. Parents and caregivers need support. Health and Human Services offers several resources that can help.