Excellence in Public Health Awards Past Winners

For the past 16 years, the Shasta County Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) has recognized community members who have gone the extra mile to protect and improve the public’s health.

2018 Winners


Shasta Strengthening Families Collaborative

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Shasta County Probation Department

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Hill Country Health & Wellness

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2017 Winners


The MAPP Steering Committee

2016 Winners


Safe Medicine Disposal Kiosk Program


Whiskeytown National Recreation Area 


"We Are Wellness" employee wellness program at Shasta Community Health Center

2015 Winners

CHA winners 2015

Burney Food Co-op, Shasta Living Streets, Shasta Early Literacy Program

2014 Winners


 Win-River Resort Casino, Mercy Medical Center, Shasta Regional Medical Center, Mayers Memorial Hospital, Vibra Healthcare, Shasta Dam Kiwanis, The Women's Fund, Tri-County Community Network, Shasta Community Health Center's "Reach Out and Read" Program

 2013 Winners

PHAB Winners 2013

Camp HOPE Youth Leaders, Dr. Harvinder Birk, Shasta Health and Redesign Collaborative (SHARC),

The Continuum of Care/Project Homeless Connect, The City of Redding, John Barry

 2012 Winners

Front Row: Reach Higher Shasta, Anderson New Technology High School

Back Row: Latinos in Action, Muffy Berryhill, Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, Michele Erickson

To watch a video featuring 2012's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Dr. Ron Reece, click the image below.

2011 Winners

 PHAB 2011 winners

Front row: Bill Thurman (Anderson Cottonwood Christian Assistance), Jim Milestone (Whiskeytown National Recreation Department), Dan Waldrop (Dan's Optical)

Back row: Derrick King, Bethany Moore, Tommy Corey, Cypress Parent Club 

2010 Winners

PHAB 2010 winners

Front Row: Cole Gamrath, Ty Romero (Oasis School); Lynn McCallum, MD; Jilmarie Seastrunk

Back Row: Mayor Greg Watkins, Debbie Israel Messer (City of Shasta Lake Planning Department); Shannon Westmoreland, Kailee Schroeder (Young Women's Health Leadership Program); Blake Shepard, Scott Anthis (Gerlinger Steel), Joanie Griffiths, Patti Brent (Eagles Soar Youth Activity Center)

2009 Winners

Front row: Joanne Crosetti (Girls on the Run of Shasta County), Brian Sindt, Bill Kuntz, Captain Ben Reed, Jr. (Redding Police Dept.)
Back row: Captain Damon Minor (Redding Police Dept.), Peter Murphy, Mary Ocasion, Elaine Best.

2008 Winners

2003-07 Winners

Ron Reece, MD - Physical Activity Promotion; Debbie Durbin - Oral Health; Wayne Thibo - Tobacco, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention; Jodi Humble - Obesity Prevention; Maureen Moore - Oral Health; Alice McFadden - Access to Healthcare; Brenda O'Keefe, RSM - Access to Healthcare; Tami Balemi - Injury Prevention; Monty Hight (Lifetime Achievement Award) - CHP, Injury Prevention; Shasta Community Health Center HOPE van - Access to Healthcare; Jim Smith - Bigfoot Recycling, Communicable Disease Prevention; Justin Day (Youth Health Promotion), Access to Healthcare; William Ruess III, DDS - Good News Rescue Mission, Oral Health; Michelle Hodge, DC - Redding Thermography; Tom Smith - Up Country Seniors, Senior Health; Patty Mancuso, RN, Gateway Unified School District Nutrition Promotion; John Lipsey, West Cottonwood School, Physical Activity Promotion; Hill Country Community Clinic, Access to Healthcare; 3D - Don't Drop Dead Youth Group Injury Prevention; Lisa Vestal, RN, Mercy Medical Center Redding Communicable Disease Prevention; News Channel 7 Communicable Disease Prevention. Shasta County Office of Education, Oral Health; Anderson Partnership for Healthy Children, Youth Developmental Assets; Far Northern Regional Center, Access to Healthcare; Ted Meredith, Nutrition Promotion; Theresa Daily, Communicable Disease Prevention, Gloria Espinosa-Hall, Physical Activity and Nutrition Promotion. Lynda Scheben, Tobacco Use Prevention; Monty Hight, Injury Prevention; Flora Perez, Access to Healthcare; Shasta Community Health Center, Access to Healthcare and Oral Health, Redding School District, Physical Activity Promotion and Oral Health.