Grand Jury FAQ

If I am selected as a grand juror, how many hours per week would I be expected to devote to Grand Jury work?

It varies during the year (July through June), but you can expect to work an average of 10 to 20 hours per week, depending on the number of investigations the Grand Jury decides to conduct, and which committees you join.

Are people with full-time jobs allowed to serve on the Grand Jury?

Yes. However, since nearly all meetings, interviews and site inspections take place during regular working hours, a grand juror with a full-time job would need to modify his or her work schedule in order to fully participate in Grand Jury activities.

Can a grand juror take a vacation during his or her year of service?

Yes. It is expected that every grand juror will take time off for routine vacations, medical care, family events, and the like. However, applicants should be mindful that an individual juror's extended absence can place a real burden on the other grand jurors.

What if I am selected as a grand juror, but can't attend the orientation or training program?

Shasta County grand jurors participate in a two-day orientation program starting on the day they take the oath of office, and a two-day training program three or four weeks later. Having to miss either program will not disqualify you from Grand Jury service. You will be provided a procedures manual and other written materials that describe your duties, and the other jurors will help you get up to speed. However, the rules which govern Grand Jury service are complex, so it is strongly recommended that every new juror attend both of these programs if at all possible.

Where are Grand Jury meetings held?

Most meetings of the full Grand Jury are held in the Grand Jury's office in downtown Redding. Committee meetings are usually held there as well, but can take place elsewhere in the county. Each year, the Grand Jury conducts a number of site inspections of government facilities throughout the county. In addition, interviews of government officials can be held at the officials' workplaces.

How frequently are Grand Jury meetings held?

The frequency of meetings of the full Grand Jury and its committees are determined by each Grand Jury. During the past several years, full meetings have been held every other week. Committees usually meet more frequently, particularly toward the end of the term, and are scheduled when convenient for the members of that committee. Most meetings are held on weekdays.

Do I need to own a computer to serve on the Grand Jury?

You do not need to own a computer to be a grand juror. However, computers have increasingly been used by the jurors for confidentially communicating among themselves, compiling information gathered during investigations, and writing and editing reports. So having some computer skills, as well as secure and ready access to a computer, are highly recommended.

Do grand jurors receive a stipend or per diem?

Yes. A juror receives $15 for each day he or she attends a meeting of the full Grand Jury and/or one or more committee meetings, site inspections or interviews. In addition, a juror is entitled to mileage for taking part in these activities at the current rate paid to Shasta County employees.