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Grand Jurors Needed – You Can Make a Difference 

The grand jury performs a vital independent citizen watchdog function over local public agencies such as the county, cities, school districts and special districts. It chooses its own subjects for investigation, publishes reports that highlight findings, and makes recommendations for improvements to the operations of these local government agencies. 

For further information on the Shasta County Grand Jury, see the Grand Jury Overview section below on this page. In addition, you can talk to former or current grand jurors, read prior reports by the Shasta County Grand Jury on this website page, or look at reports from other county grand juries on the California Grand Jurors Association website.

To qualify, you must have been a resident of Shasta County for a least one year prior to service.

You can download or print the Grand Juror Application Form. You can submit the form in one of three ways:

  • Save it to a PDF to fill in, and then email the completed form to:
  • Print the form, fill it out, and mail it to: Superior Court of California, County of Shasta, Court Administration Office, 1500 Court Street, Room 205, Redding, California, 96001.
  • Print the form, fill it out, and bring it to the address listed above.

Be sure and fill out all parts of the application, including the required references and brief essay!

Grand Jury Overview

The California grand jury system consists of 58 separate grand juries—one in each county—that are convened on an annual basis by the Superior Court to carry out three functions:

  • Investigating and reporting on the operations of local government (which is known as the "watchdog" function)
  • Issuing criminal indictments to require defendants to go to trial on felony charges, and
  • Investigating allegations of a public official’s corrupt or willful misconduct in office, and when warranted, filing an "accusation" against that official to remove him or her from office.

The grand jury is well suited to the effective investigation of local governments because it is an independent body, operationally separate from the entities and officials it investigates. It conducts its investigations under the auspices of the Superior Court and has broad access to public officials, employees, records and information.

The grand jury's fact-finding efforts result in written reports which contain specific recommendations aimed at identifying problems and offering recommendations for improving government operations and enhancing responsiveness. In this way, the grand jury acts as a representative of county residents in promoting government accountability.

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