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Shasta County launches news page

Published October 4, 2019

Welcome to Shasta County's news page—an accessible, centralized location for County announcements and key information.  Shasta County has launched this tool as a way to share information regarding programs, services, and important updates that impact Shasta County residents.  By posting significant County news in one accessible location, the County seeks to promote transparent, timely, and accurate communication.

Routine news is more regularly sent out in press releases by County departments and may not be displayed on the County news page.

The public and the media are welcome to share content posted on the County news page.  A contact name and phone number is generally provided on each post to respond to questions or requests for additional information.  For general questions about Shasta County or County communications, please contact the County Administrative Office at (530) 225-5550 or (800) 479-8009 (toll free).

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