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Data Filename Description Layer Type Coor. System
CountiesNorCA Counties of NW California. Polygon UTM NAD83
IncorporatedCities Incorporated city boundaries Polygon UTM NAD83
MajorRoads The major road centerlines Polyline UTM NAD83
NHDWaterbody USGS-NHD waterbodies Polygon UTM NAD83
Parcels Shasta County parcels Polygon UTM NAD83
Roads Road centerlines Polyline UTM NAD83
Schools School locations with URLs Point UTM NAD83
Zoning Shasta County zoning areas Polygon UTM NAD83
Snowload Snowload layer for County Polygon UTM NAD83
Streams Stream layer Polyline UTM NAD83
SupervisorDist County Supervisor Districts Polygon UTM NAD83


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  • 450 Count St., Ste. #124  Redding CA 96001
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