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Documents, Studies & Reports

The Planning Division (PD) has a number of documents, studies and reports available for review and/or purchase. The studies and reports describe specific topics which the PD has evaluated and subsequently published recommendations and findings on these items. The PD also has a variety of documents such as the County General Plan and the County Zone Plan. These documents describe the nature of the County's land use planning strategy, programs, and policies by which to implement these proposals and guide development. For more information on these items, please contact the Permit Counter for price and availability.

General Plan

The General Plan is the County's official land use policy document. It contains the County's message for accommodating growth and through a series of objective, policies, land use designations, and maps, describes how the future development pattern of the County will occur. This document, its supportive appendices, and various land use maps are available for purchase through the Permit Counter.

Zoning Plan

The County's Zoning Plan is one of the chief tools for implementing the recommendations found in the General Plan. It creates a series of zone districts throughout the County and specifies a number of uses suited to those districts. Additionally, development standards are established for each district to ensure that activities can be reasonably accommodated in a manner that is compatible with adjacent land uses.

Redding Municipal Airport Specific Plan

The Redding Municipal Airport Specific Plan (RMASP), adopted by the Cities of Redding and Anderson and Shasta County, is the official land use planning document governing land use activities in the RMASP.  The General Plans of Shasta County and the incorporated cities must be consistent with this specific plan to ensure that land use in adjacent jurisdictions do not allow land uses that could pose a significant threat to operations at the airport or that public health and safety might somehow be jeopardized by uses allowed too close to airport operations.

Redding Municipal Airport Specific Plan Map

Integrated Land Use/Air Quality Studies

The DRM administers the Integrated Land Use/Air Quality Program (ILU/AQP) through the PD. The purpose of this program is to review the impacts on air quality as a result of indirect source emissions created by land use developments. As a result of this program, the PD has developed a number of studies and reports addressing the relationship of local land use activities and their impact on air quality. Monitoring reports that trace the monthly and yearly indirect source emissions associated with land use and building permit developments are also available. Inquiries regarding this information and available reports should be made through the Permit Counter.

Housing Element Studies

California Government Code Section 65580 requires cities and counties to adopt a Housing Element to document the nature of the existing housing stock and existing and projected housing needs. Shasta County updates its Housing Element to review existing housing needs, assess existing and projected needs, analyze resources available to meet these needs, review governmental and nongovernmental constraints, and establish goals, policies and programs for the product of affordable housing. Questions regarding the County's Housing Element can be handled through the Permit Counter. Follow this link to view Shasta County's adopted Housing Element:  2009-2014 Housing Element

Community Plans

The PD has available a number of plans made specifically for designated community or plan areas. The Cottonwood Community Plan and the Columbia Area Plan are two documents that can be reviewed and/or purchased at the Permit Counter. Other documents of this type may be published in the future as the need warrants.

Subdivision Regulations

The Subdivision Regulations outline the requirements and standards necessary for preparing and submitting tentative subdivision maps for review and approval. This document is useful for surveyors and engineers in acquainting themselves with the procedures and policies that govern land division activities in Shasta County. Copies of this document can be purchased by contacting the Permit Counter.

Shasta County Grading Ordinance

Important in the development of land for new projects is the concern for the extent to which earth or soil will be disturbed and moved. How the grading activities are conducted on project sites determines the extent to which water quality and air quality issues are addressed. Sediment from new grading operations created by rainfall during the wet weather season can create a number of serious environmental impacts with water quality, particularly those associated with fish and other aquatic species who depend on clean water. Questions regarding the County's Grading Ordinance or purchase of this document can be handled through the Permit Counter.

Development Standards Manual 

Shasta County Parks Trails & Open Space Plan

Other publications, reports, and planning documents can be reviewed and/or purchased by visiting the Permit Counter at 1855 Placer Street, Redding, CA or by contacting the Planning Division at (530) 225-5532.

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