Department Services


Through its four Divisions and the Community Education Section, the Department of Resource Management (DRM) is able to supply the public with a variety of important services and information. This multi-faceted commitment is designed to assist County residents in many of their daily activities. Included among the many services of DRM are such items as:

  • The review and issuance of building permits,
  • Food and water permit and inspection programs,
  • Environmental Health permitting and inspections involving food service, individual well and septic tanks, water systems, and hazardous materials,
  • Review and approval of a variety of land development applications,
  • The monitoring of air quality and inspection of facilities that emit hazardous emissions, and
  • The development and implementation of a variety of programs to address the handling and disposal of household hazardous wastes and recyclable wastes, including supportive public education programs.

Many of these and other functions of the DRM support the economic activities of the County, promote the health of its residents, and protect the natural environment in which these functions take place. The integrated nature of the DRM is structured to respond to this challenge through management of personnel and resources to fulfill target programs and service needs on an annual basis.

Each Division has a distinctly different orientation and range of responsibilities yet this blend of skills and expertise allows the Department of Resource Management wide latitude and flexibility to respond to the needs of the County's residents and its visitors. This commitment to enhance public service delivery is consistent with the overall mission of the Department as described below:

"To manage and enhance the multiple resources of Shasta County through a balanced program of environmental oversight and public health."

A brief introduction to each of the Divisions and the Community Education Section is provided below. More detailed information about each of these units is found under their respective section and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate title listed below.

Air Quality Managment District

The Shasta County Air Quality Management District (AQMD) endeavors to achieve state and federal ambient air quality standards. This effort can be categorized into three basic areas:

(1) permitting; (2) monitoring/inspection, and (3) long-range planning. Permitting includes both commercial and industrial sources of air emissions. Monitoring and inspections encompass permitted devices, emission testing, and responding to complaints. Implementing open burning regulations, suggesting transportation control measures and working with state and local planning agencies to evaluate air quality impacts of development projects fulfills the Planning component of the District.

Building Division

The Building Division's (BD) primary function is to safeguard the life, health, and property of Shasta County residents through the application of uniform building standards. These standards involve design, materials, construction, use, occupancy, and location of all buildings and structures within the unincorporated area of the County. The BD strives to implement these standards in a fair and consistent fashion while maintaining an open dialogue with the various building trades.

Plan review, permits, and inspections for structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical as well as miscellaneous items,(signs, fences, mobile home set-ups,) are provided through the BD. The BD serves as the code enforcement arm of the DRM providing follow-up on all complaints of code violations registered with the BD.

Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division (EHD) is charged with the responsibility for enforcement of pertinent California health laws, rules, regulations, and Shasta County Ordinances. This responsibility covers all Shasta County including its incorporated cities.

The EHD provides specific permit and inspection programs which involve sewage disposal, individual wells, solid waste, hazardous material storage and disclosure, underground tanks, food service facilities, public drinking water systems, swimming pools, housing and institutions, and medical waste management.

Planning Division

The Planning Division serves as the land use information center for the County. The Planning Division disseminates information to individuals and the community regarding areas designated and planned to accommodate residential, industrial, commercial or other types of development. The Planning Division develops zoning ordinance language or amendments and other ordinances or policies as needed.

The Planning Division also serves as the census data center implementing street naming and addressing system for the County including Emergency 911 support, providing research and report services to various committees and commissions including the Airport Land Use Commission and the Resource Lands Committee, and implementing such unique programs such as the Surface Mining and Reclamation Program.

Community Education Section

The Community Education Section (CES) provides a multitude of educational activities both in the schools and as part of community events. Programs designed to impart lifestyle changes and prevent the imposition of regulatory control include the reduction in the use of household hazardous waste, solid waste recycling, air quality improvements by less vehicular emissions, and waste oil recycling.