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Are you looking for information on free tire disposal events?

Though we do not have any tire events planned for 2020, we are working to bring them back to Shasta County. In the meantime, these sites accept tires for a fee.

  • Redding Transfer Station - 2255 Abernathy Lane, Redding, (530) 224-6201. Car (not truck) tires with rims accepted.
  • West Central Landfill - 14095 Clear Creek Road, Igo, (530) 396-2555. Rims accepted for recycling only if the customer removes them from the tire.
  • Anderson Landfill - 18703 Cambridge Road, Anderson, (530) 347-5236. Tires only; rims not accepted.
  • Call (866) 896-0600 for information on licensed haulers that will pick up tires on-site for a fee.

When buying new tires, you can easily dispose of the old ones by leaving them at the store.

Transportation laws prohibit transporting more than nine tires at a time. Shasta County Environmental Health Department issues free Letters of Authorization that allow residents to haul more than nine tires at a time. Call (530) 225-5789 to request one.