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A note about the free tire disposal days - Due to their large volume, their durability, and the fact that they contain heavy metals, waste tires pose a serious health risk to the environment and to people. Tires can leach toxins into soils and drinking water. They can also become shelter and breeding grounds for rodents, rattlesnakes, and mosquitoes. Since we don’t have funding at this time for future tire collection events, we are asking you to dispose of your tires responsibly on your own. The easiest way to do so is to leave your old tires at the store when you buy new ones.

These sites accept tires for a fee.

  • Redding Transfer Station - 2255 Abernathy Lane, Redding, 224-6201. Car (not truck) tires with rims accepted.
  • West Central Landfill - 14095 Clear Creek Road, Igo, 396-2555. Rims accepted for recycling only if customer removes them from tire.
  • Anderson Landfill - 18703 Cambridge Road, Anderson, 347-5236. Tires only. Rims not accepted.
  • Call (866)896-0600 for information on licensed haulers that pick up tires on-site for a fee.