Draft EIR

Draft Environmental Impact Report


Inside Cover

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Executive Summary

3.0 Project Description

4.0 Basis of Cumulative Analysis

5.0 Description of environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures

5.1 Aesthetics and Visual Resources
5.2 Agricultural Resources
5.3 Air Quality
5.4 Biological Resources
5.5 Cultural Resources
5.6 Geology and Soils
5.7 Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change
5.8 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
5.9 Hydrology and Water Quality
5.10 Land Use and Planning
5.11 Noise
5.12 Population and Housing
5.13 Public Services and Fiscal Impacts
5.14 Recreation
5.15 Tribal Cultural Resources
5.16 Traffic and Circulation
5.17 Utilities and Service Systems
5.18 Energy Consumption

6.0 Growth-Inducting Impacts

7.0 Alternatives to the Proposed Project

8.0 Other CEQA considerations

9.0 Inventory of Mitigation Measures

10.0 Effects Found Not to be Significant

11.0 Organizations and Persons Consulted

12.0 Bibliography

13.0 Mitigation and Monitoring Program

14.0 Comments and Responses (To Be Incorporated into Final EIR)

15.0 Appendices

15.1 Notice of Preparation (Public Scoping Report, Initial Study, NOP Comment Letters) - (large pdf file)
15.2 Tierra robles Community Services District - (zip archive)
15.3 Air Quality/Greenhouse Emissions Data
15.4 Biological Resources Documentation - (zip archive)
15.5 Preliminary Geotechnical Report
15.6 Preliminary Hydrology Analysis
15.7 Noise Data
15.8 Fiscal Impact Analysis
15.9 Traffic Impact Study
15.10 Water Demand Evaluation

**PLEASE NOTE: Some of the Appendices are very large and may take a long time to download. CD's are available upon request that contain the appendices. To receive a CD, please contact Kent Hector at khector@co.shasta.ca.us or by phone at (530) 225-5532.