Underground Tanks

State law and regulations, and the County ordinance code require owners/operators of USTs containing hazardous materials to obtain permits to operate those tanks from a local agency. The EHD is the local agency in Shasta County, including the cities of Redding, Anderson, and Shasta Lake. Prior to installing new tanks, modifying existing tanks, or removing existing tanks, plans detailing proposed work are to be submitted to the EHD. These plans need to adequately describe the activities planned and proposed equipment. Fees and State of California required forms are submitted with these plans.

All Hazardous Materials and Underground Storage Tank (UST) Reporting, with the exception of new construction applications and plans, must be completed on the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) website. Several UST documents found below may be completed and uploaded to CERS, including the Owner-Operator Agreement, Response Plan, Financial Responsibility Certification, Chief Financial Officer Letter, and Owner Statements of Designated UST Operator and Understanding of Compliance with UST Requirements. The Facility Page, Tank Page and Monitoring Plan are completed within CERS.

 On-Line Hazardous Material Reporting

To visit the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) and begin your Hazardous Materials reporting online, as is now required, please click the link below.

California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)-Business Portal