Food Safety and Facility Inspections

California law states that a food facility shall not be open for business without a valid permit and Environmental Health inspections.  Retail food facilities include any facility that stores, prepares, serves, manufactures, packages, transports, salvages, or otherwise handles food for dispensing or sale directly to the consumer.  The law which sets minimum standards and requirements for retail food facilities is called the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code). Any person proposing to construct or modify a food facility shall also submit plans to the EHD detailing the construction or changes to the facility.

California Retail Food Code

Food Facility Forms

Food Facility Guidelines

On-Line Restaurant Inspection Results

For on-line restaurant inspection results, click the following link: Restaurant Inspection Results

California Food Handler Card Law

Cottage Food Operations

Food Loss Prevention Tips

Prohibition of Partially Hydrogenated Oils at Food Facilities


Suspected food-borne illness from a permitted food facility can be reported by calling (530) 225-5787 during business hours.