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Improving Justice Administration

The District Attorney is also authorized under the California Government Code to "…sponsor, supervise, or participate in any project or program to improve the administration of justice…" In Shasta County, the Office of the District Attorney is taking an active role to participate in and assist in sponsoring the following projects/programs:

Anti-drug Programs

The Office of The District Attorney is an active participant in programs focused on fighting the impact of drugs in our community. The Methamphetamine Task Force, the Drug Endangered Children (DEC) Program, the Shasta Inter-Agency Narcotic Task Force (SINTF) are included in the programs currently supported by the District Attorney. The page of this website entitled Criminal Prosecution Division provides additional information on the activities of District Attorney staff involved specifically in anti-drug programs.

Abducted Children Recovery

The taking of a child either by a parent or another person can be a traumatic experience for both the child and the parent who may be desperately attempting to get the child home. District Attorney staff are specifically assigned to assist parents in locating and recovering a missing child. District Attorney staff work closely with law enforcement and other agencies throughout the United States, and sometimes other countries to locate and recover missing children. The page of this website entitled Criminal Prosecution Division and the page entitled Bureau of Investigation provide additional information on the activities of the District Attorney's staff specifically involved in efforts to locate and recover abducted children.

Anti-Truancy Programs

Ensuring that children are in school and have the opportunity to learn is another area for which the District Attorney's Office has allocated staff efforts and resources. The page of this website titled Criminal Prosecution Division provides additional information on the activities of DA Staff specifically involved in anti-truancy efforts.

Assistance to Victims of Crimes

It is vital that victims and witnesses of crimes are not overlooked. The District Attorney has initiated specific efforts to provide direct assistance to victims and witnesses of crimes. Staff employed by the District Attorney operate the Victim Witness Assistance Center of Shasta County and directly provide assistance to both victims and witnesses. In addition, the District Attorney's Office also assists and teams with other community agencies who are providing support and assistance to victims in Shasta County. The page of this website entitled Victim Witness Assistance Program provides details on the program, its services and how you may contact the program.

Assistance to Victims of "Bad Checks"

Merchants and residents of Shasta County are often victimized by "bad checks. The Bad Check Enforcement Program operated by staff of the District Attorney's Office provides assistance to victims of bad check writers. The page of this website entitled Bad Check Enforcement Program provides details on the program, its services, and how you may contact the program.

Computer Crimes Investigations

Shasta County, like all areas, has seen the increasing trend of computers being linked to the commission of crimes. Whether there is evidence of a crime contained in the information stored on a computer, the crime being committed via the Internet using a computer, or the crime involving the illegal access to a computer or computer system, the law enforcement community in Shasta County is obligated to be able to effectively investigate and prosecute those who commit crimes via computer. In response to this issue, the District Attorney has assigned investigators to target computer crimes. The DA Investigators will team with other law enforcement agencies in county wide efforts to work on this issue.

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