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Specialized Prosecution

The Criminal Division is also divided along specialized areas of criminal conduct which have been targeted, either locally or by the state, for enhanced attention. Some of these specialized areas of prosecution are primarily funded by grants from State and Federal agencies. In addition to the funding for prosecutor staff, funding for these specialized programs often includes funding for investigator staff and support staff. For additional information about the investigator activities see the Bureau Of Investigation page of this Web Site.

The term "Vertical Prosecution" is used to describe these specialized prosecution activities. Vertical Prosecution refers to a method in which a prosecutor is assigned to the case from the initial point of referral to the completion of the prosecution. This method results in continuity and improved prosecution success. The following specialized vertical prosecution areas are currently part of the operations of the office:

Child Abuse Vertical Prosecution (CAVP)

Purpose: The prosecution of child molesters.

A prosecutor is assigned to prosecute child molest offenders. The State provides funding to assist the county in prosecution of these cases.

Major Narcotics Vendor Prosecution (MNVP)

Purpose: To prosecute individuals who are considered to be major dealers of illegal drugs.

These cases are vertically prosecuted by one deputy assigned to prosecute these defendants.

SINTF Deputy

Purpose: To prosecute narcotics cases investigated by the Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force, known as SINTF.

SINTF is a cooperative organization of peace officers from local law enforcement and the State of California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (BNE). These "agents" work to eradicate the illegal manufacture, sales, and possession of drugs in Shasta County. One prosecutor is assigned to SINTF.

Child Abduction

Purpose: To assist in the recovery of children that have been abducted.

Both the State of California and Shasta County have emphasized the importance of locating and recovering children who have been abducted. Child Abduction cases often involve legal procedures to recover children from other states and even other countries. In order to assist in the timely recovery of abducted children, a prosecutor is assigned to assist child abduction investigators employed by the District Attorney in these cases. The state provides funding for this unit.

Elder Abuse Vertical Prosecution

Purpose: To vertically prosecute cases in which senior citizens are victims of crime.

One prosecutor is assigned to vertically prosecute these cases, targeting individuals who have physically or financially abused individuals aged 65 or over. Local law enforcement agencies have investigators assigned to work cases involving elder abuse.

Consumer Protection

Purpose: To investigate and prosecute civilly or criminally businesses that defraud the public consumer.

The protection of consumer rights is a relatively new function of the District Attorney. A prosecutor is assigned to prosecute these cases and is assisted by an investigator from the Bureau of Investigation. The Shasta County Consumer Protection Unit often works in coordination with other counties to the benefit of all counties involved. The goal of the unit is to obtain restitution for those consumers who have been defrauded.

Workers' Compensation Fraud and Automobile Insurance Fraud

Purpose: To investigate and prosecute fraud in the worker's compensation (employer and employee) and auto insurance industry.

A prosecutor and investigators are assigned to investigate and prosecute cases involving individuals who illegally obtained worker's compensation benefits, employers who illegally paid insufficient worker's compensation premiums, and those who obtained automobile insurance settlement monies through fraudulent means. The cost to consumers from these two types of fraud is enormous. The state has targeted fraud in these areas and provides funding for prosecution of these types of fraud.

Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution

Purpose: To prosecute crimes of sexual assault or rape of adults.

One prosecutor is assigned to this specialized area which targets cases where individuals commit the crime of sexual assault. The cases are vertically prosecuted. Special focus is given to these cases because of the devastating effect and emotional impact on the victim.

Spousal Abuse Prosecution Program (SAPP)

Purpose: To vigorously prosecute domestic violence cases that occur within Shasta County.

A prosecutor is assigned to vertically prosecute domestic violence cases.

Anti-Truancy (SARB)

Purpose: To get school aged children into the classroom by prosecuting the parents of young children and taking away the driving privilege of high school truants.

This effort involves a SARB (School Attendance Review Board) Specialist who is employed by the Shasta County Office of Education but housed at the District Attorney's Office. Parents who fail, after being given numerous chances, to have their children regularly in school are prosecuted for an infraction or misdemeanor offense. In addition, minors 14 and older who do not attend school regularly lose their driving privilege or are prevented from getting a driver's license. Funding assistance for this anti-truancy program is provided by the Shasta County Office of Education, local County SARBs, and the Shasta County Department of Social Services. The misdemeanor team prosecutes these cases.

Welfare Fraud

Purpose: To prosecute those individuals who fraudulently apply for or receive welfare or other public financial assistance.

An agreement between the Shasta County District Attorney and the Shasta County Department of Social Services, provides for a prosecutor to engage in an aggressive program of prosecution of welfare fraud in Shasta County. As public assistance programs involve complicated regulations and specialized issues, the assigned prosecutor handles and manages the prosecution of all welfare prosecution cases vertically. Several District Attorney Investigators are also part of the county wide efforts to prevent and reduce welfare fraud and to prosecute those who commit welfare fraud.

Career Criminal Prosecutions

Purpose: To vigorously prosecute those criminals who commit serious or violent felonies and have a criminal history which includes at least one strike.

One prosecutor from the SOU, (Serious Offender Unit), is assigned to vertically prosecute these most dangerous criminals. Some State funding is provided for this effort.

Identity Theft

Purpose: To prosecute those who commit identity theft.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. One prosecutor is assigned to handle these cases vertically because of their complexity.

Environmental Crimes

Purpose: To prosecute crimes against the environment.

The District Attorney oversees two deputy district attorneys who prosecute environmental crimes in Shasta County. These attorneys are employed by the California District Attorney's Association, a nonprofit organization, but prosecute cases in Shasta County under the direction and authority of the Shasta County District Attorney. These two attorneys are also deputized as prosecutors in several other North State counties.

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